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Hi, it's nice to meet you. We're Homeland Geothermal, LLC.

Our History

I founded Homeland Geothermal as a family-owned business in March 2014, and our goal is to specialize in geothermal while meeting all the HVACR needs of southeastern Ohio. Let me tell you a little about myself.

I began my HVACR career at a relatively young age. After completing my technical studies at Eastland/Fairfield Career and Technical School, I started working for a reputable HVAC contractor. My interest in geothermal technology had been sparked the moment we covered that subject back in school, so I began to gather all the information I could find on the subject.

In 2009 I received an Installers accreditation through the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association, then began designing and installing geothermal systems. In my sixth year of full-time HVAC work I received my license for the state of Ohio, and I’m excited to serve customers all over the region.

Stuart M. Bender
Owner and Founder

Our Mission

Our mission here at Homeland Geothermal is to provide geothermal and other HVAC systems that fit the specific needs of your home or business, in order to provide the most comfortable, effective, efficient and affordable system possible. There are many factors that contribute to the overall quality of an HVAC system, from design to final start-up. The complexity of modern highly efficient geothermal systems demands excellence in design, application and installation. It is vital to the success of the system for each component to be engineered and installed with the greatest level of care.

Homeland Geothermal will take the time to ensure every system we install is truly a work of art, one that will give you a lifetime of quiet, efficient performance. That’s our promise to you.

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Learn More About Geothermal

Learn More About Geothermal

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